Rally For A Reason


We are thrilled to invite you to our 4rd annual Road Rally. We have a blast planning the clues and activities. We hope you have a blast too!


Thank you to all those who came out to support us on April 21st! We had a blast and hope you all did too! Join us again next year for “r-wheel-y” great time!

What is a “Road Rally”?

A road rally is a scavenger hunt, not a race, via car. Teams of 2 or more individuals will receive a list of clues that bring them to various stops around Brown County.

Howe Community Resource Center's Parenting Program provides support to young families with children from prenatal to kindergarten. Our mission is to make sure that children are safe, healthy and ready for school. We served approximately 75 families throughout Brown County with home visits, classes and playgroups. We help parents to find support, both formal and informal, so they can raise safe, healthy children. All proceeds from this event go toward improving and expanding the services we provide to families!