Parenting Resources

Parenting is a complex job. There is no shame in asking for help. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Parenting can be a tough job, and most of us parents are grateful for all the help and advice we can get. How lucky are we to have the internet as a parenting resource in addition to our friends, family, books, and other helps! But the internet can be a little overwhelming too. Google “parenting” and you get 76,600,000 hits. Which websites have the information you need? Below are links to some of the parenting websites we recommend. - Parenting tips specifically focused on children Prenatal-Three. - 211 Brown county- online database of resources. We are a 2-1-1 site - Great resource to help finding childcare - Consumer Protection for recalls and the like - Childcare help, general info - Act Early - Learn the Signs program from the CDC - has milestones, what to do if you suspect a problem, etc. - Birth to Five: Watch Me Thrive government program - Information to guide television watching