Mission Statement


Howe Community Resource Center (HCRC), in partnership with Howe Elementary School, builds a strong and resilient community through education and support to children and their families.

The Center lives our mission by providing services to Howe Elementary School children and families as well as providing parenting education and support to young at-risk families in Brown County. We are celebrating a 20+ year relationship/partnership with Howe Elementary School. We believe by providing support in the areas of increased attendance and parent engagement, students have a greater chance at academic success.

In our comprehensive and intensive parenting work, we also want to see families succeed. The major component of our parenting program is home visitation with families who have children under five to ensure all children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. We focus on three main areas in every home visit: Parent-child interaction, family well-being and developmental milestones.

Building relationships is key to our work. Whether we are building relationships at Howe School or in our parenting program, it is trust that must be established between our staff and the children and families. As a result of building relationships and trust, we are able to work positively together.


HCRC positively impacts children and their children. HCRC is a strong and collaborative partner in increasing academic success of Howe Elementary School students. We are a part of growing successful children to develop into healthy and productive citizens. HCRC is creative and nimble in responding to Howe School and community needs.


HCRC has five guiding values that guide our work

  1. Judgment free

  2. Integrity

  3. Compassion

  4. Trauma Informed *

  5. Sense of achievement and empowerment

Trauma Informed* means we recognize many of the people we work with have experienced adverse childhood experiences that have traumatized these individuals. Rather than looking for what is wrong with them, we ask what happened to you that helps us understand why they may be acting or reacting in certain ways.