Howe teacher meets former students at high school graduation and gives them letters they wrote to themselves in grade school

We are so excited to share the story of Howe Community School 3rd grade teacher, Chad Longley and the awesome way he supports his students. Mr Longley began teaching in 2005 at Eisenhower Elementary and then moved to Howe 5 years ago. Every year, Mr Longley asks his students to write a letter to themselves to be opened at high school graduation. Students write down their hopes and dreams for the future - along with career goals and aspirations. Longley keeps the letters and starting last year, delivered them to his former students at their high school graduations! Longley explained that he doesn’t know the reason the he started this program, but it’s all about the kids and he’s happy to do it. In 2018, he attended graduation ceremonies and delivered letters at Wrightstown, Green Bay West and Preble and this spring at Green Bay East, Green Bay West and Preble. He hand delivers the letters after each ceremony.

In all, Longley has delivered almost 20 letters (he hangs on to the ones written by students who have lost touch, hoping to deliver them someday). The rest of the letters sit in a leather case in his desk, waiting for graduation day. Longley goes above and beyond and we are proud to have him teaching at Howe Community School!

Valerie George